Motion Industries Vendor #02776

In 1956, Yuken Kogyo was organized from a couple of small companies in Japan, and became a public company in 1962 devoted to the manufacturing of a full line of hydraulic components. Known for it’s innovation, quality, and performance, Yuken became established in the US when the major Japanese automobile companies began to expand their manufacturing to this country, and much of the OEM machinery contained Yuken hydraulic components. In turn Yuken signed ALA as their master distributor for North and South America.

With MI having corporate agreements associated with many of the non-domestic automotive companies, adding Yuken to their mix of fluid power products was a logical choice. By stocking Yuken in the MI D/C system, they are able to support their agreements with 24/7/365 availability on many of the standard Yuken components, and are backed up by an extensive inventory at ALA Yuken in Valparaiso, IN.

The Yuken website offers direct cross-overs to all of the major competitive brands, as well as detailed information on component ratings and performance.  Contact ALA Yuken on their web-site at .


  • Address: 1150 Southpoint Circle, Suite D Valparaiso, IN  46385-6236
  • Phone: 877-419-8536
  • Phone: 219-465-4197
  • Fax: 219-477-4194