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The trade association with knowledge of the replacement fuel can industry, estimates that over 18 Million red gasoline cans are replaced each year. The SureCan fuel cans are based on “ease-of-use design,” to eliminate the need to tip the can while pouring, and in most cases also pour fuel without using a funnel.  In turn, many customers who see the Surecan non-tipping fuel can for the first time, share much aggravation and annoyance with many of the so-called “safety cans” on the market.  The can has a molded grip-point on each side of the bottom of the can, which allows two-hand support of the 40 pound weight of a full can of fuel!

The cans are color coded to help avoid cross-contamination of fuels with red-gasoline available in both 5 Gallon, and 2.2 Gallon sizes.  The blue-kerosene, and yellow-diesel cans are available only in the 5 Gallon size.  All four cans are DOT, CARB, and EPA approved, with OSHA approval in process for 2017.  

The non-tipping design is based on a Thumb Trigger controlled valve at the bottom of the can, which opens-closes to allow fuel to flow through the Flexible Rotating Nozzle.  The Thumb Trigger also opens the vent to allow air flow into the can as the fuel is poured to provide smooth even fuel flow.  The Thumb Trigger Locking System is designed to prevent the trigger from being accidentally activated and fuel spilled, if the can is overturned while handling.  

SureCan is “Made in the USA,” at their plant in Lebanon, TN, and utilizes component features and manufacturing techniques common in automotive fuel tank manufacturing.   Those materials make the SureCan in-compatible for storage of water, methanol, or chemicals. Additional information is provided on the SureCan web site.   

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