Motion Industries Vendor #02155

Oiles America Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Oiles Corp. of Japan, who is recognized as an international leader in self-lubricated bearing technology.  Established in Japan in 1952, Oiles recognized the need in 1991 to expand their manufacturing to the USA with a new plant in Concord, NC.  Well established in the automotive industry, their success has evolved into serving OEM’s in the agriculture, construction, food processing, forest products, turbine, mining industries, etc.

Oiles is recognized as the leader in plugged style bearings offering several choices of base metals, and solid lubricant plugs.  They expanded that technology to include a full line of metal-backed multi-layer bearings, composite and plastic bearings, metallic lubricated bearings, and Slide Shifters and Guide Units.

The need for Oiles bearings includes applications which include oscillating or reciprocating motions, large loads and low speeds, repetitive shock loads, underwater equipment or locations where lubricant cannot be routinely replenished.  Also, chemical resistance, non-conductivity, and eco-friendly applications are becoming very popular.

Oiles also catalogs a complete line of standard components for stamping press die and   slide surface replacement.  Contact Oiles for application selection assistance, as well as prototype samples for OEM applications.  Extensive digital and printed information is also available.


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