Oil Safe Fluid Defense

Motion Industries Vendor #06468

Fluid Defense has developed and manufactures a complete line of lubrication products that can provide the customer a work flow process between lubricant bulk storage and the point of application.

The system is based on fully integrated and color coded fluid management that emphasizes color coding, identification, standardization, and organization.  Those elements include;

Bulk Storage & Handling                Transfer Equipment

Identification                                     Spill Containment

Cleanliness                                       Safety

The Fluid Defense System Benefits deliver immediate improvements in workplace lubrication practices, efficiency and productivity, reduces waste, and contributes to equipment uptime.

The system works within the “5S” methodology of; Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, as well as the Toyota “Lean” manufacturing processes.

The system also complies with the OSHA “Right To Know” concerns for worker knowledge, proper use of fluids, and EPA containment and countermeasures.

Contact Fluid Defense for MI co-branded literature, information, and guidance in reworking your customers “Best Practice” lubricant needs!

Most of the product line is MINO Coded and priced in the MI system.

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