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Nes is a worldwide industry leader in the manufacturing of thread repair tools, based in Jerusalem, Israel.  Established in 1986, Nes realized the fact that the wide range of fastener threads from around the world had made thread repair for the local mechanic or maintenance man an ordeal!  In turn, they developed, patented, and proceeded to manufacturer, simple, inexpensive, and effective tools to repair any thread; male or female, SAE or metric, coarse or fine, left-hand or right-hand.  The range of thread repair is 4mm – 152mm for external threads, and 6mm – 108mm on internal threads.

Traditional thread repair techniques replaced by the Nes system include;

  1. Tap & Die; relies on identifying the basic thread diameter with a micrometer, counting the threads, locating what is hoped to be the proper tap or die, and gently applying the tap or die, until you were sure a match was found.
  2. Thread File; painstakingly applying a thread repair file or triangular file hoping to make the repair without damaging adjacent threads.

The Nes Thread Repair Tool Kits replace the above options with adjustable tools that cover several sizes in their adjustment range. Eight different kit combinations are offered, with replacement blades, which are easily replaced, provided in each kit.  The Nes web site includes demonstration videos and information showing how to use the Nes Thread Repair Tools.

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