Motion Industries Vendor #09459

Discovered in 1959, the polymer that would become known worldwide as Krytox, was first used as a lubricant in critical equipment for aerospace, turbine, and rocket engines, providing many benefits including superior performance in extreme temperature ranges.  The perfluoropolyether (PFPE) based product soon found it’s way into military applications, with many MIL spec’s written around Krytox oil and grease lubricants.  The inherent properties of Krytox, including the lubricant being non-flammable and approved for incidental food contact, soon propelled the product into many industrial applications.  

Initially, a product of Dow Chemical, Krytox and several affiliated Dow products were split to form a new company in 2015 called Chemours.  Krytox continues to be the standard in the industry for synthetic, non-petroleum based lubricants.  Krytox oils and greases deliver high performance, perform at high temperature ranges, and provide superior quality lubrication under extreme conditions.  Industrial applications for Krytox range from critical oxygen control valves, to high-temperature high-load corrugators, to power generation turbines, or any application where lubrication failure cannot be the cause of un-scheduled down time, or optimum usable lubrication life is required!  Krytox has an indefinite shelf life, unlike most petroleum based lubricants who advertise two years.

The Krytox web site is complete with full technical properties and application data to help the user review all of the Krytox performance features and application options.  Krytox lubricants are not compatible with any hydro-carbon based oil or grease, and therefore must be the first lubricant applied or installed in the equipment!


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