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Founded in 1982 in the UK, IGS initially manufactured high quality gas springs for aerospace, high-tech industrial, and OEM applications requiring specials loads, conditions, and high cycle rates. Formerly known as International Gas Springs, they have recently re-organized under new ownership as Industrial Gas Springs.

The use of gas springs in the automotive industry has helped develop gas spring acceptance, and provides an alternative for the traditional pneumatic cylinder application.  Most gas springs serve as lift-assist devices.  

An IGS gas spring is a self contained pneumatic device capable of producing forces up to 1,120 lbs and strokes from 1” to 33”.  Construction consists of a rod and piston assembly moving within a sealed cylinder.  Nitrogen is contained within the cylinder, and moves through an orifice in the cylinder piston.   As external force makes the rod retract, the nitrogen is compressed, creating a spring like effect!

The IGS Volumeline Springs are normally stocked and have a design life of 50,000 cycles.  Customline springs are available in a wide range of materials, and can be provided with a design life of over 250,000 cycles.

At the present time, standard gas springs are being sold by many of the “catalogs sales” suppliers and are easily identified and interchanged by IGS. IGS has chosen to market their products through Motion Industries as their national distributor.  All MI branches are authorized.   Additional product bulletins, price and delivery, as well as interchange and application assistance, can be obtained by contacting IGS, or visiting their web site.


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