MI Vendor #16828

Impact Cooling Solutions, LLC (ICS), is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-efficiency axial flow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fans.  The inherent design features of the FRP method of fan blade construction, provide energy savings and improved efficiency of 10 – 40% when compared to OEM metal or GRP fans.  The gain in efficiency is accomplished through a lighter blade assembly weight and the aerodynamically more efficient tapered and twisted blade design.

Simply put, “more air with less power,” is the goal!  Energy pay-back terms are often in the 24-month range when replacing OEM fans.

Cooling tower fan blade replacement is the major market for ICS fans, and the unique FRP design makes the ICS blades immune to corrosion, and more resistant to leading edge impingement damage than their aluminum counterparts.  In severe applications, the design can be modified to include ceramic leading edges and internal stainless steel support rods in the normally hollow blades.   ICS fan blades are individually balanced, and the hubs are dynamically balanced to allow the blades to be installed on the hub “on-site,” with the assembly balance guaranteed.

ICS Cooling Tower fan blades can often be quoted as replacement blades for most Marley and Hudson cooling towers simply by providing digital pictures of the OEM nameplate, as well as similar pictures of the electric motor and gear reducer nameplates.  Additional information on the ambient conditions of operation is always helpful.  Fan sizes range from 2’ to 60’, from 4 to 12 blades, with air flow rates to 3,000,000 CFM.


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