Motion Industries Vendor #07631

Filtration Manufacturing Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of permanent electrostatic air filters for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) applications in the commercial & residential market.  FMI has authorized MI as a Master Distributor as they have moved into the industrial market under the Environet name.  

FMI has expanded their product line to include a wide range of HVAC and industrial filter products.  Their products include standard disposable fiberglass, polyester, panel and pleated filters, in all of the MERV and HEPA efficiency ranges.

In addition to the above, tremendous sales potential exists with the FMI line of bag/dust collector filters, ring panel and link filters, paint booth filters, and bulk roll media. The product line also includes grease, V-cells and Odor Control filters.  

The first step in providing interchange information, is accurate identification of the existing filters.  Start with a storeroom printout if it’s available. The next choice is to get nominal filter dimensions, model numbers, or descriptions that include MERV or efficiency ratings.  Samples are the surest method to identify the filter, and to confirm that the customer is getting the filter that is described in his records!  

Pricing is very quantity sensitive, so annual purchase agreements help this issue. Also, pallet load shipments help resolve the freight issue.  Filters are sold in standard box quantities, which should be confirmed in the quotation process.    
Contact FMI for catalogs, information, sales training, or assistance with customer surveys or sales calls.


  • Address: 47 J. Faris Road   Andalusia, AL 36421
  • Phone: 800-239-9495
  • Fax: 800-239-9798