Motion Industries Vendor #00019

Bi-Torq has selected MI as their national distributor, with all Mi branch locations fully authorized and set up to receive maximum discounts.

The Bi-Torq product line is a complete line of pneumatic, electrical, and manual actuated valve assemblies in either ball or butterfly configurations. Pending the valve type, the valves are available in stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, brass, and PVC bodies, with a variety of seal options. Accessories include manual over-rides, visual indicators, limit switches, positioners, and solenoid controls.

Actuating or automating valve operations is becoming more popular as customers rely more on PLC and controller systems to actuate, sense position, control process valves, and better monitor valve and process safety concerns.

AVK Carbo-Bond, the parent company to BiTorq, has been in business for many years as a manufacturer of “Automated Valve Mounting Kits.” That history provides BiTorq with the experience and an extensive data base to be able to provide mounting kits for installed valves, simply by knowing the model or figure number of the installed competitors’ valve.

MI has MINO coded the standard Bi-Torq ball and butterfly valve assemblies which interchange with DynaQuip and Apollo, however they have different MINO codes.

The new Bi-Torq catalog features 3-way valve linkages, lock-out kits, and notes Bi-Torq can also supply special slide-gate, knife-gate and globe type valve assemblies.


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