Motion Industries Vendor #01163

Founded in 1949 in Los Angeles, CA, Barksdale has developed many of their products specifically around customer needs, and those products are now standard and cataloged. The product line includes extensive pressure, temperature, and level control devices, as well as a line of valves and pressure regulators. Although their products fall into the general category of “instrumentation amp controls,” many of their legacy pressure switch and valve products continue to be specified in the harshest possible industrial applications.

As electronic control technology has expanded through the years, Barksdale has incorporated the new technology in their product line. Early on, they closely associated their products with the fluid power industry, but Barksdale products are now found in mobile, industrial, food, instrumentation, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and chemical process industries. The products have the appropriate industry ratings, enclosures, etc., for the harshest application environments.

Barksdale has developed co-branded MI literature and flyers, including the MINO Coded Quick Select Guide. They have extensive customer service, and technical support, as well as an exceptional web-site at