Motion Industries Vendor # 05596

AW-Lake Company is a division of Total Automated Solutions, Inc. of Ohio, who has a “{history of supplying test and analysis equipment to the automotive industry.

AW-Lake recognizes all MI branches as fully authorized distributors.  Contact them for application, sales, or interchange assistance.

Lake Monitors was founded by Jack Lake, one of the original engineers of Hedland Company, a current competitor.  AW Flowmeters and Lake Monitors recently merged their operation to their present facility in Franksville, WI.

Much of the product line is MINO coded, and some of the line is interchanged in the MI system, often showing a 10-15% lower price over competing lines.  Non-coded interchanges to Hedland, etc., can be found by going to the AW-Lake website, or contacting customer service.

Lake Monitors and flow measurement products can be found in a vast number of systems in many industries including; mobile and industrial hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling, lubrication, oil & gas, chemical process, and instrumentation.  They are classed as sharp edged, variable orifice flow meters. AW Flow Meters are positive displacement gear, turbine, and mass coriolis type flow meters which are applied where high accuracy, high pressures, or process chemicals are part of the applications.


    • Address: 8809 Industrial Drive Franksville, WI  53126
    • Phone:  262-884–9800
    • Fax:  262-884-9810
    • General Email: