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Air Sentry is a Whitmore company, closely associated with OilSafe, who Whitmore purchased in 2014.  Air Sentry came on the scene in 1997, and set a new standard for contamination control-desiccant breather technology.  As the performance demands of lubricants has increased over the years due to higher speeds, loads, and wider operating temperature ranges, keeping both stored and operating equipment lubricants contamination free, is essential.  Air Sentry was the first to include integrated check valve technology in their breathers, which helps preserve the life of the moisture absorbing silica gel.  Adding the features of replacement cartridges, clear view 360 degree gel status, and the choice of  “Good-Better-Best” units, Air Sentry has a design to meet the needs of the most basic or of the most critical equipment protection.  

The Guardian Series is the most versatile and the “Best” in the Air Sentry Desiccant Breather Series of products.  Check valve technology is used on both the 1” NPT and 2” NPT breather base to assure that exhausting air does not flow through and contaminate the silica gel.  The four .1 PSI check valves in the base have the air flow equivalent of 3” pipe.  Similar .1 PSI check valves in the cap extend the silica gel life by assuring air flow-moisture absorption only when the equipment is working!  The options include three sizes of desiccant cartridges.

On applications where airborne particulate contamination is a concern, the modular design of the Guardian provides for the addition of a Modular Stackable Ring-GMSR to add a HEPA rated, High Capacity Air Filter-GHCAF cartridge to the assembly, and also provides a Shield Wash-Down Cap-GSWDC, for outdoor or wash down environments.  

The Guardian Series is the only desiccant breather design that Air Sentry recommends for fuel applications.

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